Alaska dive fishermen plead for relief from sea otters

Kuskokwim River tribes focus on salmon conservation

Bears test bear-resistant containers at the Alaska Zoo

What is that horrible smell? It's the bachelor walruses lounging on the beach!

Alaska Zoo takes in orphaned bear cub, in poor health after mother poached

Alaska's birds could see danger from the parasitic Russian cuckoo invasion

Flying Squirrel CAM. They only come out at night!

SeaLife Center gets daunting chance to raise baby octopuses

Hundreds stream into the Alaska Zoo for Kid's Day

Fairbanks man shoots pit bull that attacked smaller dog

Alaska Fish and Game denies hatchery on Baranof Island

Polars bears steal a seal from hunters

Wild sheep, goats test positive for bacteria in Alaska

Department says Taku River salmon numbers are overestimated

Juneau business owner promises to catch up on pet cremations

Video: Feathered friend visits Pioneer Home

IditaZoo: Young Alaskans learn about Iditarod

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