Orphaned bear cubs in quarantine before relocating to Sitka

Bearly any manners! Bear opens car to grab a quick snack at Mendenhall Glacier

Live salmon released for ailing orca but she doesn't eat

Orca back to feeding, frolicking after carrying dead calf

3 accused of approaching bears at Katmai National Park

Rescue team cleared to help ailing orca in US, Canada waters

Men rescue porcupine from Kenai River rock using dip net

Grieving orca still swimming with her dead calf in Northwest

Trail in Chugach State Park closed after bear kills moose on path

VIDEO: Oregon man arrested for harassing bison after weeklong National Park tour

Quota raised for subsistence hunting of Chukchi polar bears

Alaska beekeepers face difficulty with short summer season; nonprofit looks to help

Troopers seize 88 sockeyes snagged, netted in Wasilla creek

VIDEO: Get down from there! Police find black bear in UAA parking lot tree

Grieving orca seen carrying and keeping her dead calf afloat

Alaska expands monitoring of animal respiratory pathogen

VIDEO: Black bear climbs fences through Juneau neighborhood

Bears physically 'pawed' humans for first time in 20 years in Katmai park

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