More people looking for jobs, according to the Alaska Department of Workforce and Labor Development

December unemployment rate is highest in 5 years

Alaska will see modest job losses in 2018, new report says

Minimum wage in Alaska to increase by 4 cents in 2018

Number of jobs in Prudhoe Bay region drops to decade low

During fishing season, South-central Alaska sees increase in jobs

Ravn Alaska hosts Women in Aviation Day

Website launched to help job seekers in Anchorage

Alaskan women's median earnings increase by 6.8 percent

Alaska Airlines pilots protest amid contract dispute

Alaska unemployment hits 7 percent in July, on the rise from June's number

Alaska's unemployment rate is highest in the nation

DATA VIZ: How much Alaska state employees made during fiscal year 2016

DATA VIZ: Women in Alaska made 68 cents per dollar paid to men in 2015

Federal agencies in Alaska on stand-by, with hundreds of open positions

Firefighters sought ahead of 2017 fire season

DATA VIZ: Alaska’s adjusted November unemployment rate is at 6.8 percent

Tenders sail out of Whittier after major employer leaves town

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