Nicer weather has arrived!

Storms are near with limited rain on Thursday in Anchorage

Nicer weather for Thursday and Friday

Less wind, less rain with a chance of a peek or two of some sun on Wednesday in Anchorage

The wind dies down and the clouds break up a bit.

Clouds and rain continue but winds diminish Tuesday in Anchorage

A soggy weather situation for Southcentral

Winds stay strong with more rain falling on Monday in Anchorage from our latest storm

A wet, windy August weekend is coming our way

Clouds will be on the increase in Anchorage on Friday as rain chances start to develop

Friday-early sunshine, clouds and rain roll in by evening.

Increasing sunshine on Thursday in Anchorage with rain still a few days out of the forecast

Rain moves out of Anchorage Wednesday with sunshine returning for a day or two

Rain hits Anchorage hard Tuesday, but some sun returns very soon

Storms move in to Anchorage Monday but rain holds off until late at night

Rain potentially for Sunday with cooler temperatures on the way

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