State of Alaska files lawsuit over federal hunting rules

Fish and Game: Tapeworm 'common' in Alaskan salmon

Alaska’s U.S. Senators introduce King Cove road legislation

Fuel line break causes diesel spill in North Slope village

Overturned tanker spills estimated 4,000 gallons of diesel along Richardson Hwy

Air conditions in Anchorage downgraded to "unhealthy for sensitive groups" on Sunday

Eroding village of Newtok calls on Obama to supply funds for relocation

Feds finalize plan to save polar bears in the Arctic

Will the new recovery plan help save polar bears from rising temperatures?

EPA agrees to new deadline for Fairbanks air cleanup plan

Kenai Wildlife Refuge starting to track solar energy

Blowing its top: an explanation of Bogoslof Volcano's eruptions, latest on Thursday

Polluted mine near Juneau to be cleaned up by British Columbia

NOAA releases plan for Alaska endangered beluga whales

State officials continue investigations into oil spill in Nikiski

New eruption at Bogoslof Volcano

Alaska Volcano Observatory lowers alert for Bogoslof Volcano

Could sawdust help save the Arctic in the event of an oil spill?

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