Beyond 'fake news:' Facebook fights 'information operations'

Invasive green crabs found off Olympic Peninsula

Newly-signed executive order aims to expand Arctic drilling and exploration

2 groups arrested in Coachella cellphone thefts

Lawmakers don't want pot billboards to be appealing to kids

Veterans call for more improvements as Congress extends the "Choice Act"

Favorite White House tradition rolls on

Which state sends most taxes to DC? Hint: It's not a state

United changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers

Hawaii LGBT couples seek equal access to fertility treatment

Search for consensus on taxes veers into unexpected corners

Everett officials consider dress code for bikini baristas

FBI reviews handling of terrorism-related tips

Colorado weighs strategy for guarding against pot crackdown

Officials: White House fence jumper tried again, at Treasury

Officials: Wolves kill chickens and a goose in E. Oregon

Condor Airlines: New mileage plan partner with Alaska Airlines

Trump budget boosts defense spending, slashes rural programs

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