Flood advisory for Kuskokwim River, breakup forecast normal

Thanks April showers! Now, cue the sun!

April Showers Will Help With Dust, Fire Danger & Pollen

Jackie's Pic Of The Day

Clouds, Showers, Sunny Periods

Slightly cooler through the Interior and Southcentral

Clouds extend through Interior, little rain in Anchorage

Solar storm brings bright aurora to Alaska

Earth Day climate stats, Alaska continues to warm

Cloudy skies and mild temperatures linger through the week

Sunshine gives way to clouds

Sun mixes with clouds, showers for parts of the region over the weekend.

Still more sunshine than showers for us

Sunny spring days, clear nights

Spring skies remain clear through Friday

Sunny skies and living under high pressure

Sunny skies return for the week ahead

April spread more sunshine into the weekend

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