John Baker Withdraws from Iditarod, says racing future unlikely

Dallas Seavey claims investigation clears him of dog doping allegations

Iditarod Board says no changes after call for member’s resignation

Confidential report identifies financial struggles inside Iditarod

Seavey sets sights on Norway instead of the Iditarod

Iditarod makes rule change after dogs test positive for a banned substance

IDITAROD STANDINGS: Mushers arrive in Nome in record time

How's this for a good sport? Petit may have given up 2nd place by finding Dallas' vet book

Another Iditarod dog death reported as 4-year-old Flash dies on the trail

IDITAROD STANDINGS: Full coverage of a record-breaking race

After returning to Anchorage, Iditarod sled dog hit by vehicle and killed

PHOTOS: Beauty of the Iditarod trail

Iditarod speedster Ramey Smyth returns to find a changed race

In honor of National Napping Day, here's 30 seconds of dozing Iditarod sled dogs

An Iditarod love story

What's in that bag of musher chow? (Spoiler alert: It's a mystery)

UPDATE: Mitch Seavey first to reach Shaktooklik with son trailing as second out of Unalakleet

UPDATE: Flight blamed for death of sled dog also sent 2nd dog to emergency room

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