Iditarod board starts implementing recommendations made by the Foraker Group

Iditarod's first champion Dick Wilmarth has died

ITC confirms Iditarod winner to receive $50,612

Musher Magnus Kaltenborn claims Red Lantern award, ending Iditarod XLVI

Lanier, Janssen arrive in Nome by helicopter, not dog team

Iditarod Day 13: All former champions have now finished Iditarod 2018

Necropsy: Sled Dog's death consistent with aspiration pneumonia

Iditarod Day 12: Top 27 have made it to Nome; 2 scratch and dropped dog dies

Dog dies after being dropped from Iditarod team

Fressineau scratches at Shaktoolik

Eischens scratches from Iditarod due to arm injury

Cooke scratches from Iditarod at Kaltag

Holmes takes rookie of the year; Top 17 mushers reach Nome

Joar Leifseth Ulsom wins Iditarod XLVI

Iditarod Day 10: Mitch Seavey takes third place in 2018 race

Marrs scratches out of Iditarod race at Koyuk

IDITAROD: Top 15 mushers look to jockey positions

Iditarod 2018: Starting Musher Roster

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