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Port of Anchorage

Muni fighting for day in court over troubled port project

The Municipality of Anchorage is asking for a jury to decide who's at fault in the troubled port project that's cost the city millions.

(img1)vid-Natural Resources

Industry leaders talk oil and gas tax incentives

Alaska's budget crisis, a $3 billion deficit, was the heavy talking point starting off day two at the Alaska Resources Conference.

Oil and Gas leases

BLM's federal oil and gas leases are not what they used to be

Although there's typically winners and losers at the annual federal oil and gas leasing auction in Alaska, 2015 was a bit of an anomaly.

Pink petro

Uptick in getting women interested in oil and gas jobs

One in four woman work in the Petroleum field. A statistic that Pink Petro is trying to reverse by providing an online platform for woman who are trying to find jobs in the petroleum field.

(img1)vid-a major Oil company on the north slope

A major oil company announces new development in the Arctic

Day one of the 36th annual Alaska Resources Conference balanced the discussion of really tough times in oil and gas industry with an announcement of new development.

(img1)vid-TPP excludes Alaska s biggest export markets

Pacific trade deal excludes major export markets for Alaskan seafood industry

A much debated international trade agreement aimed at giving the US a leg up in Pacific trade excludes two of Alaska's biggest export markets: China and Korea.

Alaska Airlines says computer problems resolved after flight delays

Alaska Airlines says the computer issues that delayed about 20 flights have been resolved.

Northrim Bank co-founder to retire from company's board of directors

Northrim BanCorp announced Monday that co-founder and board chairman Marc Langland will be retiring from the company at the end of the year.

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