Stars of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ reality show charged with felony dividend fraud, theft

A family who stars in the Discovery Channel series “Alaskan Bush People” has been charged in state court on dozens of counts of Permanent Fund dividend fraud and felony theft.

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Soldotna Dairy Queen hacked in nationwide data breach

Dairy Queen is the latest company to get hit by a security breach saying that payment card data has been impacted at nearly 400 of its restaurants around the country. In Alaska, the Soldotna branch was affected, the company says.

Permanent Fund Dividend 2014 Application Period to Begin

'Pry (the dividend) out of my cold dead hand': Debating the future of the PFD

Days after hundreds of thousands of Alaskans enjoyed a cash windfall to the tune of $1,884, the future of the Permanent Fund dividend remains cloudy as experts debate whether the state will one day tap Fund earnings to pay for services.

(img1)Local businesses try to woo customers into spending the PFD Cash

Local businesses try to woo customers into spending the PFD Cash

With more than $1 billion from the Permanent Fund Dividend hitting Alaskan bank accounts in the next few days, local businesses are taking notice.


Inflation: 2014 PFD dividend is tenth-largest, not third

This year’s payout is $1,884, a windfall for Alaska families that will inject more than $1 billion into the state. While it may be the third-largest dividend on paper, however, it drops to No. 10 when you account for inflation.

H&M Plans to Open Anchorage Store

On Thursday, retail giant H&M announced plans to open a two-story location in South Anchorage at the Dimond Center.

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Alaska Flour Company Awarded $91,100 By USDA

An artisan flour company from Alaska has been awarded more than $90,000 from a specialized grant.

Tax Incentive Aimed at Turning Around Fairview

Tax Incentive Aimed at Turning Around Fairview

The latest effort to revitalize Anchorage's Fairview district comes in the form of a tax incentive.

Bass Pro Shops Opens Anchorage Outpost

Local Business Owners Could Benefit from Bass Pro Shop Opening

This week's opening of outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops' Anchorage store is being welcomed by many residents as both a springboard for new businesses and a turning point for Mountain View.

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