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State weighs options to address emergency room bed shortage

Anchorage hospitals grapple with bed shortages

The emergency room bed shortage in Anchorage is widely-acknowledged, but state officials are weighing two different plans to address the problem.

Anchorage library tackles bed bug problem

A lot of people start or end their day at Anchorage’s Loussac library, and of all the things you may learn about there, bed bugs are a touchy subject.

Legislators unlikely to expand Medicaid during special session

(img1)vid-Lawmakers a long way from expanding Medicaid

Well beyond the close of the 90-day lawmaking session, halfway through a month of overtime, the governor's special session priorities are still twisting in the wind.

The last hand you hold: Volunteers make sure no one in Anchorage dies alone

Volunteers make sure no one in Anchorage dies alone

Not everyone in Anchorage has friends or family nearby to be with them in their final hours. Meet a group of volunteers who offer to be the last hand a patient holds. 

House approves marijuana control board

Max marijuana plants

House Bill 123 would create a five-person board to regulate the drug like alcohol.

House passes local-option marijuana bill

The Alaska House voted 35-2 Thursday to approve a bill giving local governments greater control and abilities to implement last year's successful ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana.

Senators advance marijuana bill, shoot down concentrates ban

The Alaska State Senate passed legislation, Monday, updating the State laws that decriminalize marijuana.

Walker rolls out Medicaid expansion bill

Flanked by supporters donning pins that read “It’s the right thing to do,” Governor Bill Walker announced plans to expand the federal Medicaid program in Alaska.

First lady shows off her routine in workout video


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