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Slowly going blind, 3 women work to raise money for a debilitating disease

(img1)Alaska Women Raise Money For Rare Disease Cure

A small group of Alaska women are preparing to participate in the Ironman Triathlon in Arizona next month.

State: flu will be more common than Ebola

(img1)2 Your Health: Flu Season

Health officials say there is a deadly virus sweeping across our country and it's not Ebola, it's influenza.

Alaska ramping up Ebola safety with new testing materials


The state health laboratory will soon be able to test a patient sample to verify if they have the Ebola virus.

Ebola unlikely to spread to Alaska, official says

Officials with the Alaska Department of Health said it is unlikely a case of the Ebola virus will be reported in the state.

Anchorage Quarantine Station First Line of Defense

(img1)Anchorage CDC Station

Alaska is in the throes of flu season, according to state health officials.

Globally, health officials are worried about a much more deadly virus—ebola.

Aleutian Communities Take Action To Stop Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Aleutian History Steeped in Beauty and Resiliency

Reclaim Alaska is a three day summit looking at ways to stop alcohol and substance abuse.

The summit was initiated by active community members living on the Aleutian Chain.

DHSS Admits Delays in Food Stamp Application Processing

Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services says it’s working as fast as it can to clear a pile of food stamp applications.

Anchorage Hosts First Inaugural VegFest

Health experts from Alaska and the Lower 48 gathered at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church Saturday to debunk myths that all healthy food has to taste bad.

Alaska Women Raise Money For Rare Disease Cure

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