As lovebirds around the world sought out the perfect Valentine's Day present for their significant others, a Chicago man one-upped everyone by giving his girlfriend the gift of life -- one of his kidneys.

Terry Lee and Trisha Beckwith had only been dating for four months when Beckwith discovered she was suffering from lupus -- an autoimmune disease -- and that her kidneys were not functioning properly and needed a transplant, the Tennessean reported.

According to the publication, doctors ruled out members of Beckwith's immediate family as potential donors since they all have high blood pressure, leaving her few alternatives to being added to a long national donor list.

That's when Lee stepped up, discovered that their blood types were a match, and offered his kidney to her.

"The decision was easy," Lee told the newspaper. "I care about her, love her, and want her to live a normal life ... The way I measure love is this: If you take the person out of the equation, and don't like the way your life looks without them, you are probably in love."

Lee and Beckwith flew to Nashville, Tenn., for the transplant surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which happened to fall on Valentine's Day.

The newspaper reported that the couple emerged from surgery in good condition and is recovering well -- together.