Two years after facing the judge for the death of a 19-year old-woman at a psychiatric living facility, accused shooter Michael McEvoy changed his plea from not guilty to guilty Friday afternoon.

"He has wanted to plead guilty for about a year and a half now," Daniel Shorey, Asst. District Attorney for the State of Alaska said. "We were unwilling to enter into negotiations with him until the victim's mother contacted us and indicated a willingness on the family's part to resolve the case short after all."

McEvoy faced charges of shooting and killing Mozelle Nalan at the Soteria House, a Midtown psychiatric living facility in June of 2011. Nalan was a volunteer in training at the Soteria House and had been living there for 11 months prior to her death.

Court documents say McEvoy, a former resident at the Soteria House, shot Nalan several times in the head and neck.

Attorneys say as part of the deal, other charges including one count of assault and three counts of assault in the third degree were dismissed.

"We were looking for justice," Shorey said. "We were trying to make sure, which we believe we did, that Mr. McEvoy was held accountable for the most serious offense that he committed."

On Friday, McEvoy's attorney declined to comment.

McEvoy’s sentencing is scheduled for November 1 with Judge Phillip Volland. He will serve 60 years in prison and will be eligible for parole after serving 40 years.

Contact: Samantha Angaiak