about sexual violence inalaska, "star" standingtogether against rape is utilizing newmethods to relay thatmessage. corey allen-young shows us how that's being done, starting with today'ssexual assault awarenessmonth kick off. mike,star says for the most part people alreadyknow what services it provides for victims of sexualassault andrape. but with the push to stop it from even happening, thechallenge is in teaching moreof the community howto prevent sexual assault. that's why this year instead ofreading from a proclamation ortalking about what work theydo with response,counseling, or advocacy, star is switching things up to garner attention fromyounger alaskans. at today'skickoff, other organizationsshowcased preventionefforts being done statewide and severalbreakout sessions were held to getpeople discussingissues like sexual consent,bystander intervention,and talking with teens.the walk a mile in her shoesevent is also being changed to encourage morecommunity involvement.with alaska leading thenation in sexual assaults andrapes, the idea is TO GET PAST thewhite noise of statistics andget people actually doing something tostop it. chelsie 20:38 we have to remember thatthere is hope 20:39 that there are moregood people in the world than bad andthat everyone has a part to play 20:44 don 15:47 treating woman the way that they needto be treated, treating them like your sister, like your mother, your grandmother, like your cousin with respect and love and this isone of those event that will help us achieve that 15:58 its an approach to end sexual assaults and rapes that involvesactively recruiting moremen to help. coming up in thenewshour, see how star hopesa popular radio station can helpthem spread the message. two hundred and thirty nine.