olympics continue on ... a busy thursday slate hadcharlie sokaitis working overtime to bring you thestories. good morningcharlie. a trio ofalaskan's competed today here in sochi. up on themountain kikkan randall had hereyes on the medal stand.... paired up with sophie caldwell..... in her last chance to win amedal in sochi kikkan randall was hoping theteam sprintwould be her breakthroughrace .... the duo made itinto the finals but it just was'tgood enough ... the us team finished 8thoverall .... kikkan randall SOUND well with the way things have been going at this olympics i've been looking atevery race as a new chance hoping mybody just kicks around gets a little stronger so today i was really happy with the way i felt and the way iskied in the semifinal but i knew the pace would be higher in the semifinal and i was kind of hoping that my body would just kick in and go and unfortunatly im just stillstruggling to find that last gear.while the women's finish was a bit of adisapointment the men were apleasant surprise... simeion hamiltonand erikbjornsen made it into the finals where theyfinished 6th overall ....bjornsen at times going ski to ski with guys he's looked upto in the sport. erik bjornsenSOUND I was near the back of the frontpack for the first two laps and actually Nortug was there and he was kind of messing around with me switching tracks in front of me and i'd go to the opposite so it was kind of fun tobattle with guys like peter northug that you've heard his name for so many years and then to be skiing next to him at the olympicsit's pretty exciting." vo- sp540w oly w figure skatingshort part 1 and on the iceashley wagnerput together a strong shortprogram finishing 6th... that's good enough to get her into this evenings freeskate she'll compete in thelong program tonight -sot-ol25w-gracie- gold-meda l- contention-nbc "Um...no I was actuallsurprised that that score beat the team event score, but judging in skatingnever ceases to amaze me, but I thinkthat tonight was pretty much about where itshould be." for wagner thelong program is where shestruggled at nationals, it willbe interesting to see what tweaksand changes she makes to giveherself a chancehere at the olympics ... thanks, charlie. wx toss... ad lib