Butch Moore wanted to speak to the judge before the court before she made her decision on bail for 22-year-old Joshua Almeda, accused of second degree murder. Almeda appeared in court on Saturday, expressionless to hear the charges against him. Moore told the prosecuting attorney he wanted a chance to speak. 

When addressing the judge, he said he has known the man accused of killing his daughter for almost a year.

"Everything she did was for Joshua. She was always with him," he said. Butch Moore and other family members present in court sought answers for what happened to their Breanna. "He's a violent criminal. There's no question with the information that I have from apd there was nothing more than an execution." 

Almeda is accused of killing his girlfriend, Breanna Moore. According to a police investigator, the two were together on the night she was killed, in the home of Almeda's mother Shannon Almeda. The documents report the mother woke up to the sounds of Almeda screaming. When she checked on the couple downstairs, she found Breanna Moore laying on a bed, killed by a single gun shot wound to the head. Court documents say the mother took a gun she saw lying on the bed, hid it in the dishwasher, then called 911.

When Anchorage Police Department detectives arrived, Almeda told them he and Moore had been drinking that evening. Almeda didn't tell police he had shot Moore. He claims to have found her and that's all he remembers until police arrived. Court documents said the crime scene evidence doesn't suggest the gun shot wound was self inflicted. Almeda told detectives that Moore could have been shot accidentally, but he said he didn't remember what happened.

During the hearing, the prosecuting attorney brought up Almeda's criminal past, the judge set bail at $1.5 million.

"The combination of of drugs alcohol and assaults on past girlfriends. The combinations of those and the allegations of those here," the judge said. "I find you pose a significant threat to the community, a clear pattern that's starting to emerge and you also have a history of violating release. There's apparently no compulsion to comply with any direct court orders."

After Almeda's appearance in court, family members of the victim embraced outside.

"She was just a wonderful girl. It's a horrible loss to us. Joshua Almeda should have never been out of jail. " Moore said.

The loss leaves the family with questions they hope the legal system can answer.