It's something many of our military families go through, trying to be there when you're not actually "there." For JBER Technical Sgt. Shawn and Britney Danneker, they've gotten used to being married while they're a half a world apart.

"It became a running joke that we haven't gotten to spend an anniversary together," Britney said.

Shawn works at JBER's Fire Department when he's in Alaska but now he's been in Qatar for the past eight months working as a station chief and lead firefighter at Al Udeid Air Base. It's his commitment to the U.S. Air Force that has taken him away from his family and Britney feels it's not just Shawn who serves his country.

"Because he's in the military, I'm almost in the military too," Britney said. "I know he's serving and everything but we do our part at home. We may not be in a combat zone but we are holding down the fort here."

Holding down the fort comes with its challenges. With the handful toddler that is Olivia and the newborn Grace, Britney has her hands full. In fact, Shawn left three weeks after Grace was born putting everything on Britney's shoulders. It was a change for Britney as she's used to Shawn cooking and waking up for the 3 AM feedings.

"I signed up for this," Britney said. "But it makes me cry thinking about it. I can't wait till he's home with his girls and experience everything that I have."

For now, the Danneker family will commit to their morning routine, huddling around a camera and having their own version of quality time until Shawn returns home.