A man accused of a weekend murder in Fairview was formally charged with multiple crimes Monday, while residents say the shooting isn’t representative of their community.

Anchorage police say 73-year-old Johnie Jones shot and killed 36-year-old Sean Mulgrew early Sunday. Jones is facing charges of murder in the second degree, manslaughter and tampering with physical evidence.

Police say the circumstances leading to the shooting appeared to be drug-related.

Anchorage police say they responded to a 911 report of multiple gunshots near the 900 block of Ingra Street at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday. Responding officers later found Mulgrew dead on Juneau Street.

According to charging documents, police found Jones with blood on his shorts, wiping up blood off the inside of the main door of a four-plex near 9th Avenue and Ingra Street.

The caller who reported hearing the gunshots told police that soon afterward, an individual left the four-plex through the west door and fled into an older dark blue sedan eastbound in an alley linking 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue. Documents say the caller said a second individual came out of the same door and fled eastbound in the alley on foot.

According to documents, minutes later police found Mulgrew dead in the alley on Juneau Street and he appeared to have suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. Police say they followed the blood trail left by Mulgrew to the four-plex, where they found Jones.

Court documents say police found two .380-caliber shell casings on the floor of the entryway, as well as a third .380 casing in the kitchen trash can and a gun case for a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol. Police also found several thousand dollars in U.S. currency.

Police say they detained Jones and took him to APD Headquarters and conducted an interview, in which Jones stated he lived in the four-plex. Police say Jones told them he was watching television when he heard a loud noise on his front door and when he answered, he saw an extremely tall black male adult pointing a flare gun at him.

Police say Jones said he began to grapple with the visitor and other occupants in the apartment saw the struggle.

Documents say Jones told police the male disengaged from him and ran out the front door and Jones didn’t realize the man was bleeding until he ran away.

Court documents say police also found heroin and a substance that appeared to be cocaine in the building, as well as two pistols in a bucket in the laundry room. Jones denied owning the drugs and weapons, saying he didn’t possess, use or sell narcotics of any sort and didn’t shoot Mulgrew.

Jones’ bail was set for $100,000 cash performance plus a third-party custodian.

Police are no strangers to crime in the Fairview area.

According to, more than 800 crimes were committed since the same time in October of last year within roughly a one mile radius of Sunday’s shooting.

APD says Fairview is one of the city’s most notorious neighborhoods.

Mark Nading has lived in the Fairview area for four years. He and other people who live in that part of town say the crime element casts a shadow on an otherwise nice neighborhood.

“It’s nice during the daytime, but at nighttime you don’t know what’s going on,” Nading said. “You don’t know if it’s a gunshot…always get people walking back and forth, you don’t know what they’re doing over there.”

S.J. Klein, the president of the Fairview Community Council, says other areas of Anchorage also have a history of drug-related crimes.

“You have drug houses in South Anchorage, you have ‘em in Spenard, you have ‘em in Muldoon, East Side, Eagle River,” Klein said. “It’s something that happens everywhere.”

Residents vow that the city’s latest homicide won’t keep them from making it a better place to live. Elgin Jones, who has lived in Fairview for the last 10 years and also runs the Kids’ Kitchen, says safety in the neighborhood is something that everyone needs to work on.

“Fairview has the mentality that they can do it, if they would just get off their watermelons and get together and stop the violence,” Jones said.