Firefighters and a hazardous materials team responded to the Tesoro gas station located at the intersection of Northern Lights Boulevard and Seward Highway Sunday morning to address a gas spill.

The driver of a sports utility vehicle accidentally backed into one of the pumps.

"The staff here had shut down the fuel pumps and for the most part contained the fuel leaks," said AFD Capt. Mark Monfore.

The emergency shutoff system worked as it should, according to AFD.

But by the time the emergency switch kicked in, though, a "moderate" amount of gas had already spewed into the parking lot and in the direction of the sidewalk.

Firefighters used small booms and square cloths to soak up as much gas as possible around the scene.

Customers and drivers were directed to avoid the area while a crew worked to soak up as much of the gas as possible.

After cleaning up as much as possible, firefighters handed over control to the gas station's management, which was directed to hire a private cleanup company.

"It's safe now," Monfore said, though the cleanup process even for a spill this size could take a while.

Workers must chip up the blocks of snow and ice from the sidewalk to make sure no gas is left behind. That task is not handled by AFD but instead by a private, contracted crew.