A fixture at the Alaska Aces games and his family are picking up the pieces after losing their home to a fire.

Bobby Hill, an Alaska Aces super fan featured earlier this summer by Channel 2, lost his prized collection of memorabilia and Special Olympic medals when his house burned down.

"19 years of a lot of stuff," said Bob Hill, Bobby's father.  "A lot of memories -- but thank goodness we're still alive to talk about it."

In the wake of the fire, a family friend started a 'GoFundMe' page to help the Hill family recover.  So far the community has raised more than $10,500 in 10 days. 

"Bobby and I are overwhelmed and so thankful by the generosity from the community," said Bob Hill.  "We are so blessed to have such great friends."

In the early morning hours of August 16, a fire ripped through the home, both men able to walk away unharmed because of the way Bobby reacted.

"Bobby saved the day," said Bob. "He was upstairs. Normally, his bedroom is downstairs, and if he would have been in his bedroom I can't think of what would happen. He saved my life, oh yeah, without a doubt."

Around 1:15 a.m. Bobby was watching TV when he heard the smoke alarm go off.  He immediately ran to his fathers bedroom door, banging on to alert him.

"I tried to knock," Bobby Hill said.  "I (said) dad, I heard smoke detector, I heard (the) fire alarm, beep, beep, beep, I said dad, there's smoke in here, you better get up."

Within minutes smoke filled their two-story home, and both men immediately exited the house moments before the home was completely covered in flames.

"10 minutes minimum," said Hill.  "It must have hit a gas line in the back of the house because it was entirely engulfed within 10 minutes."

An insurance adjuster informed the Hill's that their house is a 90 percent loss, with Bobby's room as the only part of the home to avoid the flames.

"Bobby's room was about untouched," said Hill.  "I think somebody was looking out after him, all around it's completely gone."

Hill said investigators have not been able to determine the cause of the fire.