Alaskans were the most satisfied Americans when it came to their state’s standard of living in 2013, according to results of a recent survey released by Gallup.

The Standard of Living Index- for each state, as well as the nation as a whole- is a determined from the accumulation of answers to two questions: the first asking whether or not the individual is satisfied with their current standard of living, and the second asking if their current standard of living has gotten worse or better. The index has a maximum score of 100, if every resident claims satisfaction, and a possible minimum of -100, if every resident is dissatisfied.

From January to December 2013, Gallup surveyed close to 180,000 American adults in all 50 states. Of all the states, Alaska received the highest score of 53, with an 86 percent satisfaction rate. Sixty-one percent of individuals surveyed were optimistic that the standard of living was getting better. 

Overall, 3 other states scored above 50 (North Dakota, Hawaii, & District of Columbia),while West Virginia was rated as the least satisfactory place to live with a score of 22, followed closely by Maine, Rhode Island, and Alabama.

The national average was 38, an improvement of four points since 2012’s score of 34. The Gallup survey noted marginal improvements in satisfaction in nearly all 50 states.