Some changes are in store for able-bodied renters using public housing, which could affect thousands of Alaskans.

Recently, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation announced it will be implementing the federal "Move to Work" program. Under the program, people using public housing, who are considered work-able, will have five years to find a job, so they can become self sufficient.

"We now have a responsibility to actively work to help move residents into the work force and ideally move out of public housing," Bryan Butcher, CEO of AHFC, said.

Seniors or disabled people will not be required to move or find a job. AHFC will provide job training along with work development classes to its clients to help them get back in the work force.

"Ultimately we see it as a win, win," Butcher said. "Residents will get jobs and work their way out of public housing, which will then allow needy Alaskans that are on our long waiting list to be able to move in to public housing."

But are there enough jobs in Anchorage for potentially thousands?

Neil Fried, economist with the Department of Labor, says the job market in Anchorage is healthy and right now, there would be.

"Our job growth has really come from almost every sector in the economy whether it's the oil industry, retail or healthcare," Fried said. "Some sectors have grown a lot more than others but it's been a balanced decade for job growth."

Will it stay like that in the future? Fried says it's easier to predict the weather than the job market.