An Alaska Native-owned video game company has announce the upcoming release of the company’s first video game.

Upper One Games was formed in 2012 by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council as an initiative investment to create funds for CITC programs while sharing the culture and values of Alaska Natives with the rest of the world. It is the first video game company of its kind as an indigenous-owned game developer, according to the company.

Coming in the fall of 2014, the company’s first game, Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna), follows the story of a young Iñupiaq girl trying to save her people from a never-ending blizzard. Accompanied by a white Arctic fox, the young girl’s story weaves through Iñupiaq traditional stories like the Little People, Manslayer, and the Rolling Heads, enlightening and entertaining players at the same time. 

Players interested in Never Alone and other future UOG games will be able to play on Steam, Xbox One, and the Playstation 4.