With two of Alaska's largest rivers showing signs of breakup, meteorologists who watch for floods in the state have been kept busy -- saying this spring is different from last year's because everything is melting at once.

The Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers are already about to break in some areas.
River Watch Teams, a joint effort between the National Weather Service and the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, were launched to the upper Yukon River Monday as ice near Eagle and Dawson shows signs of breaking.

Another team will be headed to the upper Kuskokwim River Tuesday, as part of the River Watch Program's efforts to collect firsthand information from aerial surveys on rivers prone to flooding.

Forecasters say the chance of ice jam flooding is low to moderate -- but severe flooding is still possible.

“We've had just enough warm-up to create conditions that -- especially on the Kuskokwim, everything seems to be breaking up at once,” said NWS meteorologist Eric Holloway.

In addition to providing the latest flood warnings, River Watch Teams are stopping in towns to help residents get prepared for the possibility of flooding.

Information on how to prepare for spring flooding can be found online at DHSEM's website, while the NWS website has the latest information on flood warnings for all areas of Alaska.