Turns out Alaskan's don't yearn for the 1980s. Estatley, a national real estate search site, recently published a study of which U.S. States are most nostalgic for the 1980s.

Alaska came in 48th place. Kentucky came in first.

Estately used Facebook data to measure interest in iconic 1980s celebrities, popular culture, brands and more.  

All states were ranked based on these 15 criteria: Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, "Van Halen", Madonna, Pee-Wee Herman, Ronald Reagan, Mr. T,  "Dirty Dancing", "The Breakfast Club", "Miami Vice", "The Cosby Show," "The Golden Girls", Atari, and the DeLorean. 

According to Estately, Alaska was in the bottom half for all but two categories, the video game company Atari and the TV show "Miami Vice". 

In its 50-state summary of nostalgia for the 1980s Estately writes "If this was about nostalgia for the 1890s instead of 1980s Alaska would definitely atop the list."

When it comes to a choice between former President Ronald Reagan and the band "Van Halen", Alaska chose Reagan along with the majority of other U.S. states. 

Alaska also went with the TV show "The Golden Girls" like most of the rest of the country over other 80s shows "The Cosby Show" and "Dallas."

Estately also has information on choices for 80s music and love for Pee-Wee Herman. To find how Alaska ranks on those 80's favorites click here