Anchorage voters seemed willing to fund a wide array of city construction and renovation projects Tuesday night, with eight of nine bonds and propositions to streamline city code all passing by safe margins.

With 98 percent of precincts reporting as of 10:23 p.m., Proposition 1 -- the Anchorage School District’s nearly $57.2 million capital improvements bond -- is passing by 58 percent of the vote, with 22,435 votes for it to 16,038 against.

Proposition 2, a nearly $1.8 million measure covering a replacement ambulance and a variety of People Mover stop improvements as well as maintenance of its bus fleet, had almost 62 percent of the vote with 23,813 votes in favor of its passage versus 14,600 in opposition.

The only one of Tuesday’s funding measures apparently set to fail, Proposition 3’s $5.5 million to cover a planned renovation of the Loussac Library as well as work at City Hall, the Anchorage Golf Course and the Chester Creek Sports Complex, initially led with barely 50 percent of the vote in favor, holding a thin 135-vote lead. The tide eventually turned against it, however, with late results listing 19,107 votes against it to 18,818 in favor.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department would stand to improve some of its facilities -- including greenbelt trails across town, as well as Valley of the Moon Park and the Kincaid Chalet -- under Proposition 4, leading with almost 56 percent of the vote.

A variety of roads across town would see repairs and improvements under Proposition 5, with its $20.2 million in funding for a wide array of projects finding favor with just under 58 percent of Tuesday’s voters.

Two bonds to fund fire and police improvements, Propositions 6 and 7 respectively, were each passing with almost 68 percent of the vote. If both are passed, voters would pay a total of nearly $2.7 million to replace two fire trucks and upgrade air-conditioning systems at Anchorage Police Department headquarters.

Two propositions on the list involving changes to city code, Propositions 8 and 9, are both ahead Tuesday night. Proposition 8, which would replace references to “assemblyman” in city code with the gender-neutral term “Assembly member,” has 58 percent of the vote, while Proposition 9’s proposal to allow non-sworn Anchorage police officers to issue parking tickets is ahead with 56 percent of the vote.