Rustic Goat, a new eatery in West Anchorage, opened this month with lots of fanfare and anticipation.

The restaurant, at 2802 West Northern Lights Blvd., is the newest project from Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

The building itself is very beautiful. Large windows with old-fashioned Alaskan touches, like the floors that came from an old cannery in Kenai, but with a very modern design and lots of natural light. 

There is also a deck for eating outside. It overlooks the mountains and Northern Lights Boulevard.

Executive Chef Adam Marcum describes the food as "American comfort."

"That's just the baseline," Marcum said. "What we're really doing is playing with food. We're sourcing ingredients, we're finding new products, really looking to see what's coming down the road and trying to be as innovative as possible."

The menu has pizzas and pasta, burgers and hot new appetizers like fried olives that are stuffed with cheese and served with Brussels sprouts. Offerings will change depending on the seasons and what's available locally.

Marcum says he wants the menu to be appealing to multiple people. He likes the idea of someone coming in to get a beer and have dinner for $20.

"Everything we do is kind of rustic, which is fun -- it takes all the pretentiousness out of the food," Marcum said.