People from across the Anchorage community are teaming up to make sure everyone enjoys the holiday season.

Businesses, members of the military, local schools and anonymous supporters have been involved in a hunt to find 12 families that need of help to put gifts under the Christmas trees.

The idea, from Northway Mall and radio station KFAT 92.9, was to give each family something special they would not expect. 

Gifts range from $500 to $1,500.

"Through the nurses we usually know whose really in need of having a wonderful Christmas," said Northway Mall manager Ma'o Tosi. "It's really good to pass it on, hopefully every kid has a good one."

Donations have been coming in quickly enough that not only were the first 12 families helped, but an additional seven families in need got gifts.

Donated gifts will also go to people in the AWAIC Shelter and the Akeela House. 

The Taylors said they were speechless at first when they learned they would get some help. With a house full of kids and grandkids, after the bills are paid, there is no money left for presents, said Frances Taylor.

"I'm usually the one who was helping," she said. "It is a blessing, I am struggling but we are doing better than a lot of people, we are not homeless, my kids are not hungry."