More than 98 percent of the votes have been counted after last night’s midterm election.

While most of the propositions look like they're going to pass, including the Anchorage School District’s Proposition 1 with nearly $57.2 million for facility repairs and renovations across the city, one of them is failing.

“Why would you fund a library and then fund a golf course?” asked voter Nicholas Taylor. “Those are two totally, different opposite things.”

Currently Proposition 3 is failing by about 300 votes. The measure would provide more than $5.5 million in funds for the Chester Creek Sports Complex, Anchorage Golf Course, City Hall upgrades and a renovation of the Loussac Library.

While some residents were in favor of funding one or two of the facilities, the way the proposition was put together gave them cause for concern.

“I thought that the grouping was a little awkward,” said voter Liz Johnson. “In terms that you're putting things that are essential -- city funding, things like public schools and city spaces -- and then lumping that together with things like golf courses, that are a little more entertainment and not as essential to a community -- that was a little bit of an awkward grouping.”

Historically midterm elections generate a low voter turnout, and Tuesday was no different. According to the city, more than 19 percent of registered voters came out to vote, the lowest turnout in three years with 20 percent reported in 2013 and almost 36 percent in 2012.

To put that number into perspective, there are more than 199,000 registered voters within the city limits, but only about 38,000 made it to the polls.

“It's silly,” said voter Michael Anderson. “Especially the people who complain about it, who whine about situations yet they don't participate in the process -- I've never understood it.”

The results for yesterday’s election aren't yet final. Elections officials still have more than 6,000 absentee ballots to count, representing about 6 percent of the total vote.