December 10 is celebrated across the world as Human Rights Day, and the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission used the day to spotlight victims of bullying.

Tuesday evening the group held a forum to explain that bullies are not just found in schools but also in the workplace. 

The Growth Company advises on how to make the workplace better and was invited to present at the forum, and explained bullies are self-centered and often aggressive.

AERC said if bullying occurs in the workplace, people should tell a supervisor or a human resources manager immediately.

If bullying involves a child in school, the principal should be informed.

If these options are not possible, senior officer Dawnyale Bolds said people should contact her office. 

"The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission is here to take a complaint and help you work through  those things," says Bolds. "Our purpose is to  be an impartial and provide an unbiased investigation into um all institutions and work are following the laws."  

AERC can be reached at 343-4343. Translators are available, and all services are free and confidential.