Editor's note: The photo in this article has been revised with the correct archived booking photo of Randy Lee Osborne.

A man convicted of a two homicides during 1976 robberies in Fairbanks has been convicted of robbing an Anchorage gas station.

State prosecutors say an Anchorage jury Tuesday convicted 57-year-old Randy Lee Osborne of first-degree robbery.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 2 and faces 15 to 99 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Osborne was on parole in January 2013 when he showed up at an Anchorage Shell Station and threatened to shoot a clerk unless he was given money.

Osborne told the clerk he had a gun in his right hand, which he kept in his pocket.

Prosecutors say the clerk handed over $438 and Osborne fled in the passenger side of a car.