While we all take advantage of Alaska's summer season, some use the sun to show off their basketball skills.

There is one group of young adults are doing that to revive one of the city's legendary outdoor courts.

When it comes to basketball, its serious business for Louis Bonner and Jarvis Brinson.

And when you see that they are playing on the black top of Mountain View's Lion's Park, it makes sense for them to bring their "A" game to the outdoor court.

"I was raised up playing outdoors, sun up to sun down," Brinson said. "When I get on the court I feel relaxed, it just clears my mind."

With the high school basketball season in the winter, playing outdoors is a special treat.

Something Brinson and Bonner who are both East Anchorage Thunderbirds are taking full advantage of.

"It's more open, streetball, you can meet random people, play with them," Bonner said.

"Keeps me in shape for one, that way I wont be gassing when the season starts," Brinson said.

No matter if they are playing against each other, intensity and talk is always up.

"You got to call your own fouls and you better be prepared to hear some trash talk," Brinson said.

"Out here its just gravel sometimes, the ball gets slippery and worn down," said Bonner.

It goes beyond basketball as these young adults are learning skills that go outside the court that will help them be successful in the real world.

"You have to use teamwork, you can't just be one player," said Dak Paulsen who is going to use those concepts to make the East High Varsity Basketball team now and in the future prepare for a career as a psychologist.

"I have to practice hard, work on things I'm not good at," said Paulsen.

It's about honing your skills that brings a flow of the game on and off the streets.

As part of the Revive the View 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament to be held at Mountain View Lion's Park Saturday, Paulsen, Brinson, and Bonner will play with teams from 6th to 12th grade along with an adult division.

All proceeds will go to repairing the outdoor court.