To visitors, the long light of the summer solstice is almost surreal.

"We love it," Shirley Brown said. She and her husband are in Alaska on a fishing trip and stopped by the festival for some fun.

The celebration was also a chance for families to get together. The most exciting part of the festival was where kids got a chance to learn to kayak, pop bubbles or get a summer inspried hairdo. Paparazzi Kids used colorful hair woven into natural hair to make creative dos that Styleist Kenyada Waters said are inspired by the long days.

"These colors are definitely bright and vibrant and bring about life and just fun!" Waters said.

Many children and adults also had elaborate facepaint. What was more exciting to kids like Donovan Brown, age 9 was jumping on a trampoline while harnessed into bungee cords. 

"It was so fun, man!" he said. Brown said jumping and flipping in the air made it worth the long line it took to get to the fun.

For the crowd older than the age of 9, the food was a big attraction. Kettle Corn Cooked in the street while several vendors posted "sold out" signs as the evening wound down.

Jody Thompson served up some smoked salmon cakes to customers at the Fishalicious booth. She said that the gloomy weather earlier in the day didn't put a damper on her business.

"It's been great, a really good turnout considering it was stormig earlier. It's been a good day, fun solstice," Didema Daugherty said as the festival was nearing it's end at 6 p.m. The fun doesn't have to stop. "It's the longest day of the year and you can have the most fun and stay up all night and it's okay."