Stepping into an Anchorage taxicab is now a bit more expensive, after the Anchorage Assembly’s recent approval of an increase in taxi meters’ “drop rates.”

The initial charge when a cab driver turns the meter on is up from $2 to $2.75, but the per-mile rate remains at $2.50.

The city's 188 taxis must make a stop by the Anchorage Police Department so officers can approve and “seal” the meter rate. If you're hoping to catch a ride with the old meter price in the meantime, municipal transportation investigator Kennith Foley says you’re out of luck.

“You’ll  still be paying the full price because as part of the schedule, the cabs have to be changed at their company,” Foley said. “And they have what we call an unsealed meter document, that they will carry in their cab until they actually get their meter verified and sealed.”

APD expects to finish the approval process by Friday. Anchorage’s last taxi meter increase occurred in 2005.