A limousine bus carrying 16 passengers and one driver was struck by 10 bullets from four separate guns in an early Sunday morning Midtown drive-by shooting, according to Anchorage Police Department officials.

The incident occurred Sunday around 3:30 a.m. forcing the closure of the Arctic Boulevard intersections between 47th Avenue and Tudor Road.

Police report units were dispatched to the area of Arctic Boulevard and 47th Avenue following calls of multiples shots fired at a limousine bus by several different shooters.

According to reports, one witness told police the group had been at Al’s Alaska Inn prior to the shooting.

The bus, operating as Anchorage Limo and Sedan, was moving when the shooting began, said APD spokesperson Anita Shell. The bus was heading north on the Old Seward Highway when it turned west onto International Airport Road, Shell said. The bus driver eventually turned north onto Arctic Blvd.

It was near Lancaster Drive and Arctic Blvd. where police discovered the first traces of shell casings from the different guns, Shell said. From there, APD investigators could trace bullet casings spread across multiple lanes of traffic as far back as Shakespeare Circle, Shell said.

Police would eventually collect more than 30 casings from the four separate guns.

The bus continued driving north up Arctic, but, according to reports, it’s unclear exactly when the shooting started and when it finally stopped, Shell said.

Police agreed to meet with driver of the bus in a parking lot at Wendler Middle School, located at the corner of Lake Otis and Northern Lights Blvd., more than three miles away from where the incident reportedly occurred, police wrote in a written report.

By the time police arrived, only the limo bus driver and one other passenger were present. Shell said the other 15 passengers fled the scene as soon as the bus finally stopped.

The witness, a 22-year-old female, told police she was unaware of any dispute that may have occurred at club and didn’t know why anyone would be shooting at the bus, according to police. She said when the shooting began, everyone ducked down.

The bus was reportedly struck by 10 rounds. According to police, “there was a mention of three vehicles surrounding the bus when the shots were fired, but it is unknown if all three were involved in the actual shooting.”

Police will continue to investigate the incident and are asking anyone with further information to call APD at 786-8900.