Morning Glenn Highway commuters can expect to see a greater law enforcement presence, as the Anchorage Police Department steps up traffic patrols for three hours a day.

According to a statement from APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro, the expanded patrols will begin Thursday morning from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. along the highway, which has seen more than 700 citations and 76 vehicle collisions this year between Anchorage and Eklutna.

“Officers will specifically focus on speeders, vehicles following too closely, cars failing to properly signal a lane change, and other traffic violations,” Castro wrote.

In a trial run last Thursday, officers arrested one person for driving with a suspended license, as well as writing 11 tickets for speeding and six for failure to provide proof of insurance.

“We write tickets to change driving behavior,” APD Chief Mark Mew said in the statement. “We want drivers to ensure their safety and the safety of others through safe driving practices.”

Castro says the additional officers will be on duty weekdays, as well as for at least the next few weekends due to a surge in traffic for upcoming events.

“Arctic Man is a big concern for us, because people are heading out of town,” Castro said. “We (usually) only have two or three officers patrolling the whole Eagle River-Eklutna area -- they get numerous (Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately) calls, and unfortunately we have trouble getting to all of them.”

According to Castro, APD gets more calls during morning rush hours on the Glenn than in the afternoons, prompting the focus on early enforcement.

“We’re hoping we can send a message to drivers,” Castro said.

Police also ask those on the highway to do their part, by making REDDI calls to 911 and notifying dispatchers of dangerous or distracted drivers.