Police are asking East Anchorage residents to watch for a suspect in a fatal assault, following a vehicle and foot chase in the Muldoon area Friday night.

In a statement from APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro, officers are looking for 39-year-old Kenneth Moto, wanted on an arrest warrant for manslaughter and other charges in an April 19 assault outside the Panhandle Bar from which 36-year-old Daniel Stewart ultimately died.

“Police say Moto fled on foot behind the Fred Meyer on Muldoon in the area of Old Harbor Avenue,” Castro wrote.

APD scanner traffic from about 8:25 p.m. described a major pursuit north along parts of both Boniface Parkway and Patterson Street, with officers deploying spike strips at one point. The suspect in the chase reportedly went to ground in the vicinity of the Muldoon Road Wal-Mart, prompting officers to pursue him on foot.

While Castro wasn’t sure Friday night whether the scanner traffic described the search for Moto, she says officers are currently conducting a track for him with K-9 units in the area.

“Police had located Moto in a vehicle and pursued him for a good five to 10 minutes, and the vehicle ended up in the Old Harbor area,” Castro said.

Castro says anyone who sees Moto should not try to apprehend him, but should immediately call 911 to report his whereabouts.