Anchorage police are seeking a red pickup truck stolen in town last month, which may have since been taken to “Fairbanks, Valdez, or beyond.”

In a Monday statement on the case, APD spokesperson Dani Myren says the vehicle was taken during an Anchorage burglary that occurred on or about March 19.

“The vehicle is described as a red 2005 Dodge pickup truck with a ‘NATIVE’ sticker on the passenger side bumper and a loud exhaust,” Myren wrote. “The Alaska plate should be ETN976; however, it may have been removed and/or replaced after the theft.”

Myren didn’t have details early Monday evening on why investigators believe the truck has left Anchorage, but says efforts to locate it are proceeding as part of a larger investigation into the burglary.

“The detective had sent out a locate to other law enforcement agencies in the state,” Myren said. “Unfortunately, it didn’t get any hits -- we weren’t able to locate the vehicle, and we’re now turning to the public.”

Anyone with information on the truck’s whereabouts is asked to call APD at 907-786-8900, or contact Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP or the Crime Stoppers website.