The Anchorage Police Department says gunpoint home-invasion robberies are not common -- but two South Anchorage families have been hit in the past 10 days.

"This was not a random selection of whatever address that they ended up at that evening," said APD Sgt. Mike Couturier. "There was some specific intent for them to go to that address."

Couturier says people living in Anchorage should not be living in fear of these types of robberies. Most residents take proper precautions, like locking their doors and windows -- and Couturier also recommends getting to know neighbors.

"If you don't know your neighbor go meet them, because knowing each other and knowing generally what each others' habits are, that's good," Couturier said. 

The latest armed robbery took place Monday morning just after midnight in South Anchorage at a home on Brandon Street. A couple had returned home just after midnight, when the victim says he heard noises coming from inside the house and went to check it out.

That's when the victim says one of the armed gunmen came up behind him. 

"He racked the shotgun when he told me to get on the ground," the victim said. "I knew he meant business, because he said, 'If you get up, I'm going to shoot you.'"

The home in Monday's armed robbery is less than two miles from a home off Tulin Park Loop, where a similar armed robbery took place on March 8. 

APD says in both cases six men armed with guns and wearing masks entered homes and threatened the families. Couturier  says it is too soon to know if the suspects in both cases are the same. 

A local home security system company says investing in your home security could make you feel more comfortable.

"Most homeowners insurance will give you about a 20 percent discount, which will probably pay for the monitoring of the system, or close to it," says Randy Morrison, general manager of A+ Security. 

Morrison says home security systems range from panic buttons to video surveillance and can cost between $400 and a few thousand dollars. 

APD have not taken any of the suspects into custody from the armed robberies.