The Anchorage Police Department is reminding people to not believe everything they hear.

Over the past few days, APD says multiple citizens recently became victims of a so-called "jury duty scam," a scheme reported to the department more than 50 times in August of 2013.

In an effort to get cash, callers pretend to be APD officers and state an arrest warrant has been issued for a person for a person on the other end of the line.

The scammers instruct people to go to Walmart or Walgreens and to provide a green dot money card to pay for an alleged crime. False officer names and false badge numbers were used.

In some of the cases funds were provided to the scammers.

APD says it is against protocol for an officer to call someone about an arrest warrant for a citizen missing jury duty.

To verify the identity of an officer, people should ask for an officer’s full name and badge number and then call police dispatch at 907-786-8900 to confirm the information.

Anyone who receives a call similar to the scam described above is asked to call police dispatch to file a report..