Slated to cut 180 teacher positions, Anchorage School District principals held their annual staffing meeting Tuesday in an attempt to find new schools for those displaced.

Principals from all of Anchorage's middle and high schools went through the district-wide list of displaced teachers. On the secondary level, the cuts work out to 90 teachers who were told over the last few weeks that they won't be working in their current school next year.

After figuring out which teachers wanted to transfer elsewhere voluntarily, as well as those who wanted to work half-time rather than full-time, principals then picked displaced teachers based on open spots needed in their school.

Whoever is left will have to wait to see if anyone decides to retire or doesn't come back. The process is far from complete, and district officials say the remaining ranks of displaced teachers will have to wait and see if they will be laid off.

ASD's executive director of staffing and recruiting, Robb Donohue Boyer, describes what would happen if four art teachers had to be displaced, with their jobs becoming available to more senior teachers who were also displaced.

"We would then lay off four of the least senior in the district by union seniority," Boyer said. "(We'd) put those displaced teachers into those assignments and then the laid-off teachers have recall rights to the next posted job for three years."

ASD says any decision on layoffs has to be made before May 14.