A charge against a 19-year-old neighbor who allegedly shot a man leaving a Mountain View domestic dispute in the head with a rifle has been upgraded, following the victim's death more than a month after he was shot.

Court records show that Talon Draper, 19, now faces one count of second-degree murder by extreme indifference to human life in the Jan. 7 shooting of 22-year-old Jermaine Twiley. The charge was amended from an original count of first-degree assault with a weapon, after Anchorage police say Twiley died at a local hospital Feb. 16.

According to court documents Draper had told police he heard a loud domestic dispute next door between Twiley and his girlfriend, on the 3400 block of Thompson Avenue, shortly after midnight on Jan. 7. Police responded to the scene, but Twiley’s girlfriend didn’t cooperate with officers and they left. About an hour later, after a second dispute, Draper said he picked up a .22 long gun and fired on Twiley twice as he fled from the apartment building; Twiley was struck and hospitalized in critical condition.

In the wake of the incident, APD has recommended that people who overhear domestic situations call police rather than attempt to intervene on their own.