Bar-break violence Downtown has been an ongoing issue for years, but an Anchorage Assembly member thinks he might have a solution.

Following the most recent incident, a triple shooting amid a 60-person brawl outside of Club Soraya early Saturday morning which left two men hurt and a woman in critical condition, Assembly member Dick Traini thinks more needs to be done to limit conflicts after local drinking establishments close and discharge their patrons.

Last year, the Assembly passed an ordinance that offers bars the chance to purchase a $100 permit which allows them to stay open an hour later on weekends -- as long as they aren't serving alcohol.

Moving forward Traini would like to see more done, saying he would like to get a system of security enforcement for bars that have specific training for security officers.

"The security forces in a bar have to be competent enough to deal with the issue there and not say, ‘Well, the answer to the problem is they're out of our doors, it's the city's problem,’" Traini said.

Traini plans to propose his solution to fellow Assembly member Paul Honeman, chair of the body’s Public Safety Committee.