The Anchorage Assembly failed to reach an 8 vote super-majority Tuesday evening needed to override Mayor Dan Sullivan’s vetoes of two labor related ordinances.

On August 5th, the Anchorage Assembly voted 7-4, to repeal AO37, known as the Responsible Labor Act.  The controversial labor law re-write initially passed the Anchorage Assembly by one vote in March of 2013.

Assemblyman Dick Traini says because the override vote of AO37 failed, a second vote on the labor law compromise wasn’t necessary.

Assembly members Jennifer Johnston, Amy Demboski, Bill Evans and Ernie Hall were the 4 members voting against the override.

Failure of the Assembly to override the AO37 veto means a voter initiated repeal effort is back in play.  Last September, enough signatures were gathered to force a repeal vote in the November General Election.

South Anchorage Assemblywoman Jennifer Johnston tried to broker a compromise between labor unions and the city by proposing a difference version of AO37.  However, Johnston ended up voting against her own ordinance last week.   The amended version of AO 80 shifted some management rights from the city to the unions.  It also removed standardized benefit plans and managed competition.

During his veto address Tuesday, Sullivan said the new ordinance doesn’t at all resemble the measure he proposed in 2013.