Sixteen acres of empty land owned by the Municipality of Anchorage sit at the corner of Debarr Road and Muldoon Road. How it should be used depends on who you ask.

Anchorage Assembly member Adam Trombley represents an East Anchorage district. He wants the land to be turned into a park, and so do eight other members of the 11-seat body who voted for it last Tuesday.

Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed that vote saying a decision should be postponed until the East Anchorage District Plan is complete.

"I think out of that plan you'll probably see a recommendation that there is residential property there," said Mayor Sullivan. "Again, that's how the process works: you do your planning first, then you do your development." 

Trombley says the majority of residents have wanted a park on the land, not more housing or businesses, since the city acquired it. He says there's no need to put off development of the area for a park.

"If the administration is so concerned with getting residential or commercial value out of it, why have they been sitting on it for over eight years?" Trombley said.

Sullivan says the reason the land sits undeveloped is because it's partly zoned for both residential and commercial construction. He says the district plan will come up with the best use for the land -- but until then, the Assembly should wait.

"You know we're just so close actually to getting that information in front of us, and it's a shame the Assembly jumped the gun a little bit," Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, a draft for the East Anchorage District Plan is expected in two weeks. He says the public can weigh in on the plan once the draft is released.

Trombley says the plan was expected sometime last spring or early summer.

Both he and Paul Honeman, another East Anchorage Assembly member, say the park is what the people want.

Trombley says to override Sullivan's veto, the Assembly will need to pass the measure with at least a two-thirds supermajority, or eight votes.