Whether it's a trip to the state fair or anywhere else in Alaska for some late summer fun, Alaska State Troopers will have some extra eyes on you.

"The high visibility enforcement that we're engaged in right now, has to do with specific times of day that we're going out and specific regions where we have higher levels of traffic to try and combat impaired driving," AST Lt. David Hanson said of the "Sober or Get Pulled Over Program."

It's a statewide effort that will be running through Labor Day.

"The national campaign is happening concurrently with the state fair, so there is a number of focused efforts going on out there between the Troopers and a number of the other police departments that are out there," said Hanson.

Palmer resident Stephanie Sager lives a short distance from the fair, but says getting in our out of her neighborhood is a hassle during the fair.

"If they could just put in a stop sign or flagger's on each end it would be a lot easier to get out."

Alaska participated in the program in 2013.  Troopers partnered with Wasilla, Anchorage, and Palmer Police.  The agencies netted a combined 190 citations for DUI, and 5 felony arrests for DUI.  There were also 986 speeding tickets issued during that time period.