While the Olympic Games are incredibly exciting and attract people from all over the world, the 18-day long event can also make you miss home.

Channel 2's Blake Essig says one country has something brewing to bring a little taste of home to Russia.

When packing for the month-long assignment, Blake and Charlie were advised to pack some things that would remind them of home. Naturally Blake brought extra hair gel, and Charlie brought his blanket and teddy bear.

But for anyone making the trip from the Great White North, Canada’s crew has you covered. At the Canadian Olympic House there's a machine unlike any other.

“People come here for the athlete celebrations to hang out and relax, but one of the first things they say when they walk in the door is, ‘Where's the fridge?’” said Canada House’s Derek Kent.

It's a fridge that doesn't take cash, checks or credit cards -- instead, the only requirement is a passport.

“Everyone loves Canada, and everyone loves their beer,” said Canadian Marty McBean. “So it's like this perfect combo of you whip out your Canadian passport, you slide it in and you get a Molson beer -- and you feel like home wherever you go.”

Some consider it the greatest technology since the Internet -- or at least one the coolest things at the winter Games.

“We try to be innovative in the cool little simple ways that only a Canadian can be, and whether it's dominating in hockey or opening up a fridge with our passport, it’s just kind of the little things,” McBean said.

While covering the story, Blake had moments where he actually wished he was Canadian. He tried multiple times to crack the code with his U.S. passport -- but in the end left defeated and thirsty.

Channel 2's Blake Essig contributed information to this story.