Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials in Anchorage are warning anyone in the area of Rabbit Creek Road to beware of a brown bear protecting its moose calf kill.

Scientists located the bear in a lightly populated, wooded area near the intersection of Rabbit Creek and Elmore roads toward Manytell Avenue.

Officials caution hikers and anyone else hoping to catch a glimpse of the bear that the area remains dangerous so long as the bear continues to feed on the carcass. Signs have been placed by scientists warning the public of the bear’s presence and the danger it poses.

“If they see those signs up, definitely pay attention and turn around,” said Fish and Game spokesperson Ken Marsh. “Those bears are very defensive of their kills.”

Scientists have been monitoring the situation, often trying to lure and scare the bear away from the carcass. So far their attempts have only resulted in the bear dragging the carcass further into the brush, Marsh said. Marsh says the kill occurred Tuesday evening, according to interviews scientists conducted with area residents.

"The last time (scientists) saw the carcass it was down to bare bones," Marsh said. "Scientists expect the bear will likely leave whatever is left within the next 10 to 12 hours."

The situation will continue to be monitored, Marsh said, as long as the bear continues to stay in the area or until scientists are able to remove the carcass.