For many people out and about in Anchorage Wednesday, bees were all the buzz, swarming around various locations in town.

On Wednesday afternoon, bees congregated in the parking lot of a business at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Ingra Street. Jerry Bedwell, who works in the area, spotted the swarm when he returned from lunch.

“We contacted one company and they said they were going to get in touch with a beekeeper, because evidently for some reason this year, the bees leave the hives and they tend to go different places,” Bedwell said. “Maybe they go on vacations or something -- I don't know.”

Bedwell says the bees remained outside the building for at least an hour, while people inside got it touch with the right person to handle the situation.

There was also a swarm in Downtown Anchorage, with bees seen flying around a hanging plant near 5th Avenue and F Street. A local pest control expert says it's been one of the busiest years he's ever seen when it comes to errant bees.

“We've definitely fielded a lot more than last year,” said Russ Perry with Pied Piper Pest Control. “I think maybe less than five last year -- the last couple of weeks, we've fielded at least close to a dozen calls now.”

Perry says that there are a various reasons why bees leave their hives. He says queens will sometime leave a hive if it becomes too hot or humid, and when the queen takes off the worker bees will follow.