Three weeks after a missing Kenai family of four was last heard from, local police are widening their search and relaying more details about their last known whereabouts in a bid to solicit information from the public.

According to a Tuesday Kenai Police Department statement, police hope to hear from anyone who has seen 37-year-old Brandon Jividen’s black Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck. Jividen, along with 22-year-old Rebecca Adams and her two daughters, 5-year-old Michelle Hundley and 3-year-old Jaracca Hundley, have been the focus of an increasingly intense search involving their relatives as well as local, state and federal law enforcement assets.

“It’s possible that members of the public would have seen the missing persons with this vehicle on May 25 and/or on subsequent days,” police wrote. “The vehicle was later located at the missing persons’ residence early in the investigation.”

KPD Chief Gus Sandahl says new evidence puts Adams at a local business driving Jividen’s truck on the morning of May 25, two days before relatives last report having contact with the family. He declined to name the business, or say whether any of the other family members were with Adams at the time of the sighting.

“It’s surveillance video, combined with other evidence, and interviews with people at the business,” Sandahl said. “There’s other reports you hear, but this is the one corroborated by physical evidence.”

As officers gather more information about the case, they have also expanded their search area to a number of other sites. Sandahl says K-9 teams have been employed to attempt scent tracking at those sites.

“(They’re) locations all around the central Peninsula -- we’re expanding out, but we’re not giving specifics,” Sandahl said. “We’ve searched a great number of acres, all around the area.”

“There’s information we know that would lead us to give search areas more attention, but nothing that would lead us to a direction of travel,” Sandahl said. “We’ve searched a great number of acres, all around the area.”

Anyone with information on the search is asked to call KPD at 907-283-7879.