A flood warning is in effect until 8:15 a.m. Wednesday for the community of Circle, after a Yukon River ice jam just downstream broke Tuesday afternoon.

State emergency management officials said an ice jam below Circle caused the Yukon River to back up, causing minor flooding.

Leaders in Circle have not made any requests for emergency assistance. Water is below record levels from last year, but it is reported over Circle's access road to the airport and in the campground.

As a precautionary move, elders in low-lying areas have been moved to homes on higher ground.

Observations from the air show no new runs of ice or high water above the ice jam, and officials say the water appears to have reached its highest level.

Authorities say there also doesn't appear to be any significant flood potential for communities below the ice jam.

A NWS flood watch remains in effect for the Yukon Flats and surrounding uplands, including Fort Yukon, through Wednesday afternoon.

Channel 2’s Chris Klint contributed information to this story.